How Do I Get Involved with Promotional Work with BTW?

Are you a YouTube beauty guru, An Instagram Icon or a Facebook socialite? Get involved in helping us promote our fabulous brand to all your followers!  Drop us a Facebook message to discuss options on how you can be involved in our brand!

How do I apply the BTW-Shampoo& Conditioner?


1. Begin with dry hair extensions, then gently detangle them by combing from bottom to top, making sure to remove all knots or tangles.

2. Using only warm water, wet hair extensions and apply a generous amount of BTW

3. Luster & Body Hair Cream Extension Shampoo. This sulfate-free shampoo is low-lathering.

4. Use a Medium to Wide tooth comb, as needed for your hair texture, comb extensions from bottom to top to free them from odor, dirt, oil, dryness and tangles. Repeat up to 2 times, depending on the condition of the extensions.

5. Rinse thoroughly to remove all shampoo.

    Follow with BTW Luster & Body Hair Cream Extension Conditioner for BEST results.

 Please remember to use Sulphate free shampoo as Sulphate's are too strong for hair extensions & will strip the moisture out of them

Which shampoo and conditioner should I apply to my curly hair extensions

You can apply any of our shampoo and conditioner, they are especially formulated for all hair extension patters!

How do I apply the scalp protectant, how long should I use it

It’s recommended that you apply the Scalp & Hair Protectant at least 1x per week, to reflect change. Oil can also be combined with your regular hair food, grease, or cream. Please consult with you regular physician for more problematic medicated scalp and hair.How often should I apply the dry shampoo - We suggest washing your hair extensions if they are holding an odor for example smoke or after wearing them enough times to notice a change in appearance or feel, There is no set time-frame on how often you need to be washing your hair extensions. Please remember to use Sulphate free shampoo as Sulphate's are too strong for hair extensions & will strip the moisture out of the hair                 

What is the difference between Remy & Raw Hair Extensions 

Remy Human Hair is the highest grade of real, human hair that is a preferred choice for hair extensions for consumers. This is because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like non-Remy extensions. Preserving the hairs’ cuticles and aligning them so they are directed all the same way, creates extensions that react how our natural hair would making it less likely to tangle. 

What is Raw Indian Temple Hair extensions

Hair that has been preserved from one donors head at the temples in India. We insure that this is true temple hairHow long does BTW hair last

With proper care you are ensure to obtain 6 month-1 year from your Remy Extension

With proper care you are ensure to obtain 2-3 years from your

Raw Indian Extensions-BTW as these are the best hair extensions to purchase for longevity. BTW-Betweentheweave provide the best extensions.

How many bundles should I purchase for a lace closure or a frontal full weave

10-18 inches; 3 bundles (if you have leave out)

20-30 inches; 4 bundles (if you have leave out)

10-18 inches; 3 bundles (if you have FRONTAL or CLOSURE)

20-30 inches 3 bundles; (if you have FRONTAL or CLOSURE)

*It’s around 100-200 grams per bundle. The longer the weft is the smaller the bundle

Why does my hair extensions loose the patter after the second shampoo?

Wavy/Curly Hair is made by steam, we do this to prevent the hair from chemicals. So, the texture maybe looser after shampooing, especial BODYWAVE hair as it is easier to be styles any way you like giving it more versatility

Can I color my BTW hair extension & use the shampoo & Conditioner?

Always test on a small section to ensure you're happy with the result seek help of a professional Weaveologist or a License Cosmetologist

Use our Luster & Body Hair Cream Shampoo and Luster & Body Hair Cream Conditioning product by BTW to ensure the best result

You should never bleach or lighten your hair extensions you should only tone or color your extensions to prevent damage.

If you would like lighter hair extensions, please purchase our 613 or platinum blonde hair extensions. Dying or toning is considered a drastic modification of the hair extensions as these products contain quite harsh chemicals that may affect the field condition an lifespan of your hair extensions. May increase the chance of dryness shedding tangling breakage.

If you would like to Color your RAW hair extension, we recommend that you obtain Blue- Powder lightener and 40 Volume Peroxide, as this is the strongest that we recommend. DO NOT put underneath a dryer using 40 volume, let sit at room temperature for 45min. Like most hair extension attempting to bleach the hair any higher that the natural level as it may cause damage.

All hair extensions in hair colors are different. You nor we can guarantee your product will produce the same result of the brand that you purchased we do not cover any costs neither take any responsibility for any issues you may incur during or after your dying or toning process, as we cannot be sure how your specific product reacts to which it is applied. Always test your die or toner on a small piece of her first to ensure it gives you correct results also perform a patch test on your skin to avoid any allergic reaction to ALL Hair Extension or Products. 

Can I take my extensions out of the package?

Please keep a hold of your tracking number you have used to send the product back to us it is the responsibility of the customer to return the product safely to us. Extensions can be removed from the box and help up to you to ensure the correct color, but the seal around the weft cannot be broken